Sorry its been so quite here on the blog and the FB, to be honest it seemed for a while that the mainstream media, not to mention countless other women’s organisations and the PM here self were all setting out to achieve the goals of this blog by publicising what a nightmare Tony Abbott is for Australian women. Which is absolutely awesome, but also made it a bit difficult to think of witty things to reveal!

But I saw this online today and couldn’t help myself.

in the land of the free and the brave – and thanks to the conservative right – Gardisil is becoming increasingly known as the ‘promiscuity vaccine’.

Some political groups are actively campaigning against the vaccine – on MORAL grounds.

The full article about attitudes to Gadisil, the cervical cancer vaccine in America is here.

The report glowingly describes the success of the vaccination program in Australia. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s not forget that our very own Tony Abbott opposed the introduction of this drug and had to be over-ruled by John Howard to have it introduced. And don’t forget Tony Abbott said he wouldn’t rush out to have his daughters vaccinated. See this earlier blog for full details.

Why on earth would someone not want his daughters vaccinated against a deadly disease?

Ah – ha. Perhaps these American morality crusaders can give us a terrifying insight into what our very own Tony Abbott was thinking when he tried to stop Gardisil reaching Australian girls.

It’s been a big few weeks for Tony Abbott. Julia Gillard’s speech has really set off a flurry of sharing information about why Australian women can’t afford Abbott as Prime Minister. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

In the spirit of this, here is a link to a speech on Tony Abbott’s website in which he calls abortion the easy way out. The Prime Minister mentioned it in her address. And yes, it really was as bad as it seems!

Here is Mr. Abbott, in his own words:

To a pregnant 14-year-old struggling to grasp what’s happening, for example, example, a senior student with a whole life mapped out or a mother already failing to cope under difficult circumstances, abortion is the easy way out. It’s hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations.

But what the Prime Minister did not mention is that Mr Abbott goes on to suggest his own remedy for the problem. Namely, more ‘education’ to prevent young people having sex. This sounds too terrifyingly akin to the abstinence only sex-education that is depriving young people of their right to factual information and causing unprecedented numbers of teenage pregnancies in America.

What seems to be considered far less often is avoiding situations where difficult choices might arise. Our society has rightly terrified primary school children about the horrors of smoking, but seems to take it for granted that adolescents will have sex despite the grim social consequences of teenage single parenthood. If half the effort were put into discouraging teenage promiscuity as goes into preventing teenage speeding, there might be fewer abortions, fewer traumatised young women and fewer dysfunctional families.


The full article is here.

Spread the word. Tony Abbott thinks men are better suited to power, opposes abortion, thinks the answer can be found in stopping teenagers having sex and has the gall to move motions in parliament calling for the respectful treatment of women.

We can’t afford to have him as Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard back in form and reminding us all why Tony Abbott can’t be taken seriously.

It’s one thing that a few weeks ago Alan Jones declared the Julia Gillard’s father had died of shame.

Every person in the caucus of the Labor Party knows that Julia Gillard is a liar, everybody. I will come to that in a moment. The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he has a daughter who told lies every time she stood for Parliament.

Full story here.
I suppose we should have been expecting it, but Tony Abbott has backed him, refusing to rule out future appearances on Jone’s show. Full story here.
Fellow travelers at Destroy the Joint have published this list of people who advertised on Alan Jones’ show this morning and supporters have been sending emails and phoning to call on them to drop their sponsorship of Jones. I was going to post the list they sent out today, but so many of the sponsors have since dropped their support for Jones that it would be pointless. Here is the link to their Facebook group so you can stay tuned for future lists. Send them a mass email and let them know that you won’t be supporting anyone who supports Alan Jones.

And while you’re at it, take the time to tell a friend that Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister Australian women cannot afford to have.

You don’t need to delve into the University of Sydney archives to find some classic Abbott moments. I was trawling through my Facebook today and came across this reminder of the moment in 2010 when Abbott accused the PM of being “shrill and aggressive.” Full story here.

This would be less outrageous if the Prime Minister had a voice that tended towards the shrill. Then it would merely be off-taste.

However, the fact that the Prime Minister’s speaking voice is anything but shrill, the fact that if she is to be criticised it is because she is heading towards monotonal, not shriekey and the fact that you could scarce find a less well-fitting adjective to describe Julia Gillard’s tone in speeches makes this simply a blatant attack on her for being a woman. Women, of course in Abbott’s world are shrill and aggressive when they express their views strongly. Men on the other hand, we can assume are strong and principled.
But really, what can we expect?


(To check out the description of Abbott’s refusal to address Barbara Ramjam as “chairperson” you can read the full David Patch opinion piece here.)




It has been a pleasant surprise to see the media begin to take an interest in Abbott’s unsavoury university activities.

Today, a Sydney lawyer came forward to back up claims by Barbara Ramjam that Abbott had punched the wall on either side of her head and generally put on a rather spectacular performance trying to intimidate her.

Abbott is no stranger to intimidation. From swearing at the female Shadow Health Minister at a televised debate, making creepy rape jokes to the Prime Minister, or sneaking up behind female students and “letting them know he was there” Abbott has never had a particularly respectful or subtle approach to women.

But it’s not just women! Did you know a witness once reported in the student newspaper Honi Soit that Abbott once called for the Klu Klux Klan to break up a student protest?


Unfortunately, we seem to fast be developing a pattern of behaviour. Someone disagrees with Abbott, Abbott does something wildly inappropriate.

I really don’t want this man conducting Australia’s foreign affairs. Punching the wall next to Hilary Clinton or threatening Obama with the Klu Klux Klan probably wouldn’t go down too well for him or for Australia.

On the 3rd August 2010, Tony Abbott made a crude joke about whether “when it came to Julia, no doesn’t really mean no.” Full story is here.

On the 12th January 1978, Tony Abbott was in court for indecent assault.

Here are the Daily Telegraph articles which covered that incident. If you would like larger scans, please contact me.

Article One:
Headline: Assault raised laughs and jeers, woman tells court, Daily Telegraph, 12 January 1978

“A former student teacher said yesterday she was indecently assaulted while addressing a meeting of 200 students at a Sydney College. She said someone called out, “Why don’t you smile honey,” and then a youth touched her on the upper part of her leg.”

The woman state:

“I had just commenced speaking, when I felt a hand between my legs on my lower buttocks. I was wearing jeans. I jumped back, turned around and saw Tony Abbott laughing about two feet away.”

Article Two
Headline: Touching charge by girl fails, Daily Telegraph 13 January 1978

The charge was dismissed the next day although the judge noted that he believed

“the complainant brought these proceedings with what I believe was not an improper motive.”

“The magistrate complained of “enormous conflict” in between the prosecution and defense evidence.”

Defending himself, Abbott said:

“She was speaking about me in a highly critical way, calling me an AUS basher and noted right wing supporter. To let her know I was standing behind her I leaned forward and tapped her on the back, about the level of her jeans belt. I just wanted to attract her attention.”

So at best, if we accept Tony’s story the following happened:

Tony Abbott, a student from the University of Sydney arrived at UTS Kuringai to call for the union there to end its affiliation with the Australian Union of Students (AUS). The girl in question refers to him as an AUS basher for his efforts, and instead of listening her, or jeering her from the crowd, or ignoring her – he approaches her from behind and touches her – bringing her speech to a halt.

This is the man who was thrown out of parliament because he would not listen to the direction of the female speaker. Full story and video here.

This is the man who thought “no means no” was a cute line to use in a joke.

This is the man who had no problems swearing at the female health minister at a public election debate. Video here.

This man cannot be the next Australian Prime Minister.

Full articles here:



Good morning!

We’re all familiar, or should be familiar with the time Tony Abbott said:

“I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas, simply because the aptitudes abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.” (Honi Soit, 1979)

But how many of you can say you’ve read the full interview?

Now, all of you, because here it is! For the time poor I have cut out a few choice moments for the enjoyment of all.

Interviewer: Do you see women as being disadvantaged?

Abbott: Well, I don’t think that they are advantaged or disadvantaged. I just think men and women are simply, and always going to be different.
Abbott: I personally believe that there are few areas in society now where women are discriminated against.

When Abbott made this claim, it was 1979, five years before the Anti-Discrimination Act. It was still possible to discriminate against women in the workplace (and even engage in some pretty serious sexual harassment) without facing any penalties. Of course, this didn’t seem like much of a disadvantage to Tony, who was never particularly comfortable with the whole idea of women in the workforce.

Abbott: It’s a biological, physiological fact that we can’t get around that men and women are basically going to always be doing different things.

Ladies, this really doesn’t sound like a man whose going to be particularly interested in getting the award rates for female dominated industries raised, or someone who is going to do something about the affordable child care crisis, or someone who is going to make it easier for men to take on more full time caring roles.

We really can’t afford this man as PM.

Full Interview Here:


For once a bit of good news!

For those who haven’t seen it, here is the link to the absolutely epic interview between Leigh Sales and Tony Abbott that everyone is talking about.


On those dreary Monday evenings when I could scarce think of anything more depressing than spending my time decrying the terrors of “He-Who-Might-Be-Named-PM” it’s really lucky that I am writing about Tony. 

Why? Well, some politicians make an effort not to seem evil. Luckily for me, some of Mr. Abbott’s worse deeds just speak for themselves. They don’t need dressing, they don’t need rhetoric, they scarcely need explanation. They are simply, plainly, truly awful.

Did you know that Tony Abbott refused to allow the Cervical Cancer vaccine to be made available under Medicare?


You heard me right.

Tony Abbott, then Federal Health Minister refused to have the vaccine which stops the virus which causes up to 70% of all cervical cancers to be made freely available to women between the ages of 12 – 26. 

He even went so far as to actively discourage people from paying for the vaccine, saying that “he wouldn’t rush out” to have his daughters vaccinated. For the full story, in which Abbott calls himself a “cruel, callow, callous, heartless bastard” is here.

Tony then decided that he might make the rather ludicrous claim that faith in the success of the drug might make people take less precautions and in fact lead to an increase in cancer rates! Yes Health Minister, if we immunise children from measles, people might stop making an effort to protect their children from measles, hence we shouldn’t introduce the vaccine which could stop measles.

Luckily for me (and I never thought I’d hear myself say this), John Howard stepped in and ensured the roll out of the drug. I and countless other young women benefited from this national program, which, if it was up to Tony would never have happened. 

Seriously Tony, if John Howard is out-flanking you in the compassion stakes, it’s time to have a good long look at yourself.

And it is time for Australia to have a good long look at what our future might be like if this man, who wouldn’t take every available measure to protect Australian women and girls from deadly and preventable cancer, was free to rule our nation as he saw fit.


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